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Community Quarantine Update 

As of June 15, 2020, Casa Luminaria is accepting reservations . We kindly ask our guests work with us and remain flexible, as changes in government regulations may affect our ability to operate.

We are a private resort open only to one reservation group per booking. 

The management and staff take every precaution to make sure all guests have a safe and enjoyable stay with us.

Learn more about our COVID Precautions

A private resort

Located in Lipa, Batagas and just an hour away from the Metro, Casa Luminaria offers the perfect getaway and respite from city life. Nap in the breezy, open bungalow or take a dip in the pool, surrounded by the tranquility of 3 hectres of fruit trees and gardens.

Casa Luminaria can only be rented as an entire property to one group. We are available for overnight stays, day trips, weddings and events, and photo shoots. 

We hope to see you soon!

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